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Super Quick Mittens

12 Nov

Have a couple of hours of spare?  Some spare worsted weight yarn?  A pair of small hands that need warming?  Then you have to knit these.

While snow still seems a long way away (it’ll prove me wrong) the days are getting chilly enough to warrant gloves and mittens.  Desperate to use some of my Cascade 220 stash these extra-toasty mittens use yarn doubled, and are so quick that I finished them over the course of one movie.  Talk about instant gratification.

These are his first mittens and his first truly snowy winter.  He seems to approve of them too, proudly wearing them (and nothing else) and demanding a trip to the park.  They will be perfect for those sledding, snowballing, and hot chocolate days to come.  I enjoyed autumn immensely but am equally excited for winter to come this year.

(Um, take 2?)


Simple Pleasures

9 Nov

The first week of November has been a rocky one for all of us.  Despite the nearly T-shirt weather and clear skies there has been a dark cloud of stress plaguing the family.  Perhaps hardest hit has been our sensitive little boy who has some very stubborn teeth.  I am trying my hardest to get us all to breath and enjoy the simplest pleasures.

Breakfast with egg and soldiers (buttered toast fingers)

Early sunsets in the warm autumn evenings

New favourite stories from the library (Berenstain Bears Classics)

And an early birthday present from Mama and Daddy: Charlie

Charlie is a fairtrade Camden doll made by a hearing-impaired womens cooperative in Peru.  He is a little smaller than a traditional Waldorf doll, but well made and sure to be well loved.  They already share naptimes, cuddles, Mama milk, and a love of nudity.  I can’t wait to see what mischief they get up to.

And can’t wait for the day all those teeth come in.


Modeled Drive Thru

19 Oct

I am pleased to say that the temperature has finally dropped enough here in Wisconsin to pull out the sweaters again.  With a choice of either fair trade cardigan or the drive thru my little boy proudly chose “Mama knit jumper!”

It still takes a little sleeve rolling but otherwise it fits like a charm and should last him through the winter into spring.  We’ve already received a few nice comments on it, but what I love most of all is how he runs around shouting “Mama knit!”.  What more could a mother ask for?

If I made this again I’d love to use something a bit softer against the skin, like Rowan Cashsoft Aran since he does complain a bit about the itchy collar.  Not annoying enough to stop him running around, playing in leaves and having toddler fun.  I am so looking forward to many cooler days to come, just so we can put this on.

Fairtrade Treasure

2 Oct

I think anyone who knits would agree that you become a lot more critical of shop bought knits once you know how to make them.  I very rarely buy knitted items, so when I do, they tend to be pretty special.

This is a cardigan we bought for Dougie while we were visiting Door County.  When stopping at Sturgeon Bay we stopped at a fabulous fairtrade shop.  They had a delightful range of children’s fairtrade knits in bright colours made by a women’s cooperative in Ecuador.  The hardest part was choosing a palette for my fair haired little boy, but D and I both fell in love with the retro colouring of this one.

It has such sweet details like double knit hems and sturdy seams, making it feel like a real hard wearing cardigan for a busy boy.  The bulky yarn is a slightly felted tweeded mix of cotton and wool, warm, but machine washable.

While in an ideal world I would have the time, yarn and inclination to knit all of my son’s jumpers I feel happy to put my money towards something handmade that we will treasure and last to pass down to children to come.

Mad About Pumpkins

23 Sep

Today ended up being one of those days where everywhere we wanted to go was closed.  What a shame, because I was so looking forward to sharing my favourite Mad City yarn shops.  Nevermind.  Remember this little guy?

Somewhere along the way he got decidedly un-little.  Two months away from his second birthday and I am still reeling from this whole mother business.  Things change so quickly that I can barely remember a time when running was not his primary form of movement.  He is such a character and I often shake my head wondering “are other toddlers like this?”  In a totally good way of course.  For instance, all boys have a pumpkin fetish right?

I have no idea where this started, but while we were in Door County we could not walk fifty paces without cries of “Pompom! Pompom!”  He has a terrible desire, no, NEED, to touch, caress, count and compare pumpkins.  His favourite are when there are big and small ones next to each other.

You should see his eyes light up as we go to the co op or Trader Joes as there are just so many pumpkins.  He doesn’t discriminate, any shape or size will do.  I am trying to prepare him for Halloween because I’m afraid he might just short circuit from the whole experience.  It’s virtually a whole holiday devoted to them.

He now has his own collection to admire, which occupies him for most of the day.  He notices that I have a particularly large one on my counter and loves giving it tea and cuddles.

I’m not sure how I’m going to break it to him that it’s destined for pie.