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An Icy Day

2 Jan

After a few unusual days of warmth we’ve had quite a thaw in Madison.  Most of the snow is gone from our streets and yards, so it was quite an experience to feel the chill come back in full force and to visit a frozen lake.

It was amazing to see such a big body of water frozen, and to see ATVs and people out in the middle of it!  But I am glad to be safe at home and back in the warm.  Which is always a pleasant experience when you have plenty of wool around.

This is Cascade Eco + in Lichen for the first of my IntSweMoDo2011 challenge, a seamless saddle shoulder sweater (a la Elizabeth Zimmerman) for my Dad.  It is a popular one on Ravelry and I totally understand why, this is probably one of the best work horse yarns around.  With nearly 500 yards per skein it is super economical and knitting with bulky yarn means this will be a speedy project.  Knitting up a sleeve in a day means I don’t feel bad casting on another very small project before starting the body.

Stonehedge Shepherd’s Wool is a yarn I stumbled across when looking for something for my sister-in-law.  It is made by a small mill in Michigan and is a wonderfully soft worsted wool.  Perfect for the Thermis cowl I’ve had my eye on for some time.  The colour should go nicely with my Ringwood gloves, finished just in time for the return of the cold.



2011 – Year of Handknit Sweaters

1 Jan

Happy New Year, to you all!  I hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday, with plenty of food, love, and warmth.  This year was a quiet one, punctuated with holiday visits.  Looking back over December I am surprised by how much I managed to get done:

The last two were last minute knits when I ended up short of yarn for the Douglas Mittens.  I am so pleased that accomplished my goal of making my family handknits this year.  It’s made me more ambitious with my knitting goals than ever.

I am not one for making resolutions, but I feel like they really help my productivity, so this year I plan to make 12 sweaters in 12 months, by participating in IntSweMoDo2011.  It sounded like a crazy undertaking until I realised that I had managed to make four sweaters in the last four months (Shalom, Idlewood, Cobblestone, Amelia).

My list as of now is:

  1. Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Seamless Saddle Shoulder (for my Dad) – Cascade Eco +
  2. Manu (for my mother-in-law) – Felted Tweed
  3. Aidez – Rowan Purelife British Breeds Chunky
  4. Golden Wheat Cardigan – Louet Riverstone Chunky
  5. Kerrera – Araucania Nature Wool
  6. Raspy – Rowan Denim
  7. Central Park Hoodie (for sister-in-law) – Cascade Eco +
  8. Wispy – Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Light
  9. Vaila – Berrocco Peruvia
  10. Tweedy Aran Cardigan – Berlini York Tweed
  11. Basic Mens Henley (for David) – Rowan Cashsoft DK

The twelfth hasn’t been decided since it’s the only one that I don’t already have yarn for (yikes!).  I’m confident that I’ll manage to choose one, or two, or a dozen more I want to do before the year is up.  What knitting or crafting resolutions have you made this year?