A Bit of Quince

28 Oct

Because I refuse to turn on the heating before November it is officially very cold in our apartment.  Even our normally naked ice-baby has (voluntarily) put some clothes on.  I guess the latest parcel came just in time.

Out of all the American yarns that I wanted to try Quince and Co were number one (Shelter being a very close number two).  I bought two skeins of the aran weight Osprey, just wanting to see if they lived up to the hype.  I instantly fell in love.  They use 100% American wool but manage a softness that I’d associate with luxury cashmere/wool blends.  The colours are as rich and enchanting as people have claimed, and I cannot take my eyes off this.

Even the photo can’t do justice to this deep jeweled purple.  David was noticeably impressed by them, and has requested some mitts in Split Pea so he doesn’t have to suffer while playing piano in our freezer-house.  It’s a toss up between Toasty and Dashing, but I think simplicity will win.  The purple is going to become a Ripley for me as all of my handknit hats have mysteriously disappeared.

If this knits up half as nicely as it feels and looks, then I’ll have to make a whole new wardrobe in it.


One Response to “A Bit of Quince”

  1. denise October 29, 2010 at 9:11 am #

    Love those colors!

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