Cold Comfort Soup

27 Oct

Over the last few days a bit of a strange weather event has blown in autumn overnight.  Secretly I love this sort of weather, it’s the kind that takes your breath away when the wind picks up and rain stings your face.  It reminds me of the wild Scottish hills and my fantasies of the crofting life.  The best part is when you come inside after a long walk, cheeks red and windswept, and there’s something bubbling in the pot.

Cauliflower is such an underrated vegetable in my opinion, I always get excited when I start seeing it in autumn.  It isn’t just about its flavour or appearance, but the way that it instantly evokes feelings of comfort.  Roasted cauliflower, cauliflower curries, cauliflower cheese and my absolute favourite: cauliflower soup.

The best cauliflower soup should be velvety and warm, it makes me as happy as snuggling under a duvet.  My version is very simple: Sweated onions and carrots are simmered with cauliflower and a bit of potato in salted water until tender.  Blitz till it’s creamy (though I never mind the occasional nugget of vegetable) and add a cup of cream or milk, good spoonful of grain mustard, and handful of shredded cheddar.  Season well with salt and white pepper.  Delicious with or without a swirl of cream. Cold comfort soup for windy autumn.


One Response to “Cold Comfort Soup”

  1. Katie November 15, 2010 at 10:35 pm #

    I steered past the caulis this week at the supermarket. I was a bit afraid. After reading your blog & just watching a Midsummer Murder where & a lady had one growing in her garden I’m going to buy one & follow your recipe. Thank you kindly for the inspiration, Katie.

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