Perfect Day for Pie

23 Oct

After nearly a whole month of uninterrupted sunshine we’ve finally had a typically cloudy, chilly, rainy autumn day.  To be honest, I am thrilled.  It is perfect pie weather, and it just has to be pumpkin.

My failed pumpkin pie a while back must have just been a sign that it was too early for autumn baking.  This time everything went without a hitch.  I used the recipe from “The Art of Simple Food”, a really easy and genuinely tasty rendition of the classic.  There aren’t any bells and whistles with this recipe, and it really lets the pumpkin sing.  I’ve been particularly lazy this year and ended up using Trader Joe’s organic canned pumpkin, but it wasn’t any worse for wear.

I also couldn’t resist starting another project.  Something about socks feels more monotonous than even knitting a large sweater.  Maybe it’s the tiny needles, but I had to break my own commandment and start a little something to keep me going.

These are Lovisa armwarmers knit up using some leftover Cascade 220.  I had to modify them slightly due to gauge, but they are a beautiful and satisfying knit.  I finished the first in a matter of a couple of hours while watching a film.  They are a gift for my garden loving sister-in-law.  Something cozy to pull on while feeding chickens or pottering around the shed.  Now, I just need to find the perfect buttons to go with them.


One Response to “Perfect Day for Pie”

  1. Lina October 23, 2010 at 3:52 pm #

    Those arm warmers are so pretty! Love the cream/black combo!

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