How to Wear a Shawl Part II

13 Oct

Many of you may have found this site from my rather popular “How to Wear a Shawl” post.  Because Andrea’s Shawl is a lot smaller than my Ene’s Scarf I wondered if there were other possibilities for wearing it.  Andrea is only about 45″ across, which means I can’t tie it quite as many ways but it’s still a very versatile accessory.

Ascot – fold it over so it’s thinner, like a scarf, and tie at the front.

Bib – Wear the triangle at the front, rather than at the back and tie around the neck.  I like it at a slightly jaunty angle.

Cowl – Wrap it around the neck and tuck the ends under so it looks like a cowl.  Fold it less for a wider, cozier cowl.

Hood – Excuse the “I am a mannequin” look.  Wrap it over your head, under the chin and behind the neck.  Makes for either a babushka lady or 50’s glamour star, depending on your look.

Tied Collar – This is a tiny twist on a traditional tied front.  I roll the edges up to make it like a shawl collar (appropriate), which makes it sit a bit higher on the shoulders

Over the Shoulders – Who can beat a classic?  Simple and sophisticated, perfect if you want to wear a shawl over a strapless dress for a wedding.  Or (my favourite) when you’re on the sofa on a chilly night with a glass of wine, and of course, your knitting.

I had a lot of fun thinking of new ways to wear this smaller shawl.  Now I’ll need to knit a shawlette for the family to be complete.  Let me know what ways you love to wear your shawls!


4 Responses to “How to Wear a Shawl Part II”

  1. hannah October 13, 2010 at 3:10 pm #

    gorgeous!!! what a beautiful shawl! ive had that pattern in my queue for ages but i might just have to bump it up the list 🙂

  2. Carolina (rududu) November 20, 2011 at 5:37 pm #

    I found both of your posts about how to wear shawls very inspiring. Thank you!


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