Surprise from a Friend

8 Oct

Everyone loves receiving gifts, and I think the best ones are always unexpected.  Yesterday I got some goodies in the mail from a very dear friend from the English countryside.

Karen is a very talented knitter, spinner and shepherd who also runs her own dyeing and spindle business in the woodlands of east Dorset.  Her dye colours and resin spindles are inspired by the nature all around her, and she sources English fiber as well as from her own flock.  Can I add she’s also a PhD and techie?  She’s so eclectic and one of my favourite people in the world.  Which is why I literally squealed with delight when I saw her parcel and these gorgeous English yew buttons that her mother’s been turning for the Wildcraft shop.

I am proud to say that she’s in the newest UK spinning magazine Yarn Maker.  The UK has been screaming for a decent spinning magazine for ages and Yarn Maker should fill the gap for those who can’t get ahold of Spin Off.

The adorable sheepy photos on the cover there are hers and she also has an article inside about coloured Ryelands, the sheep that she breeds on her little farm.  I can vouch that they are as cuddly as they look and very versatile for the spinner and knitter.

I am no expert spinner by any means, but knowing Karen has helped me appreciate the different qualities that sheep breeds can offer in a yarn.  Which is another reason why Jared Flood’s Shelter yarn, made from Targhee-Columbia crosses, will be so interesting to try out.

Being away from such amazing, passionate people like Karen is what maybe makes being away from the UK most difficult.  Good thing chocolate always helps.

Thanks Karen!

P.S. If you’re in the US and would like one of Wildcraft’s beautiful resin spindles you can buy them from The Spinning Loft or International Fleeces.  I can’t wait for winter to bring out my spindle and fiber.


One Response to “Surprise from a Friend”

  1. Karen October 11, 2010 at 10:24 am #

    Aw Mel, you’re so very welcome! Your photos are gorgeous as ever. It’s a delight to see that little bit of England on your Wisconsin blog 🙂 x

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