The Mother-in-Law Shawl

3 Oct

I think this one project at a time rule is really starting to pay off, I’ve just finished Andrea, or, the mother-in-law shawl.

Considering the lace it was a very quick knit, and I enjoyed all those mindless rows of stripes.  I still run my hand over it, feeling all those rifts and valleys left by the K, P, K, K, pattern.  Hubby says that it’s what really makes it stand out.

I have a couple of quibbles with it: one is that the size is maybe a bit too small.  Loads of people commented on it in Ravelry but when I was knitting it I didn’t really notice until the end that, really?  That’s all?  It can still close at the front with a shawl pin, which I plan to buy off Etsy to complete the fully handmade gift experience.  The other is my choice of yarn, whose fuzziness from the angora really competes and drowns out the lace pattern.  But it so nice on the hand and neck that I don’t think she’ll really mind.

What I’ve learned from it is that gift knitting really is a joyful thing.  These little things would probably irritate me to no end if I kept the shawl for myself, despite the fact that I really love the pattern and the garment as a whole.  But giving it to someone else I know they won’t be analysing my yarn choices or eyeballing the little mistakes.  All I hope she sees is a lot of love and effort put into something for her to enjoy.  I can’t wait to make some more gifts.


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