Gift Knitting Stash

25 Sep

I am making an amendment to Commandment 5: “Thou shalt not build stash”, no buying yarn without a project in mind.  This gives me a little leeway because I have a rare disorder that leaves me incapable of leaving a delicious yarn store empty handed.  I was literally paralysed by colour choice yesterday, so I roped in my husband to help me choose a palette for a Drive Thru pullover for Dougie.

I wanted it to have a throw back 70’s feel and just love the colours he chose: dark chocolate brown for the main body, with cream, pumpkin orange (we just had to get pumpkin in there somewhere) and a sunny yellow for yoke stripes.  What’s nice about knitting for a toddler, v.s. a baby, is that he might be able to wear something more than once or twice before growing out of it.  Both the Pebble vest and the Baby Surprise sweater had only brief appearances.  Finally, a chance for his knits to see the light of day.

The brown and cream are legendary Cascade 220, but the yellow and orange are Louet Riverstone.  There was a staggering array of colours to choose from of each and I can’t wait to start knitting with them.  I just can’t stop squeezing that beautiful Louet yarn.

I also bought some yarn to make a special present for my mother-in-law.  This will be the first Christmas season that we’ve not been with D’s parents, and their first without seeing Dougie so I hope a little handmade luxury will bring a bit of joy.  She is a woman of impeccable taste and an eye for colour (must be where my husband gets his).

Classic Elite Fresco in steely water blues, reminiscent of the sea she dearly loves, to make Andrea’s Shawl.  I like the mix of lace and colourwork, it makes a pattern that’s elegant but unfussy.  Just a little something to throw over the shoulders on a chilly evening or wrap around your neck on mild winter day by the seaside.  And the yarn?  Wool, alpaca and angora.  If only I could knit a duvet in this and hibernate.

Both these future projects are apart of my new aim to knit more for others.  While I love knitting for myself there is a lot of satisfaction in choosing and making something for a loved one.  It gives me a chance to use a yarn I wouldn’t buy for myself because it’s “too nice”, and a pattern that I wouldn’t normally knit.  I would love to knit all my holiday gifts this year, but I’m not going to push myself too hard, remember Commandment #4 (Thou shalt not have unrealistic expectations).


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