Mad About Pumpkins

23 Sep

Today ended up being one of those days where everywhere we wanted to go was closed.  What a shame, because I was so looking forward to sharing my favourite Mad City yarn shops.  Nevermind.  Remember this little guy?

Somewhere along the way he got decidedly un-little.  Two months away from his second birthday and I am still reeling from this whole mother business.  Things change so quickly that I can barely remember a time when running was not his primary form of movement.  He is such a character and I often shake my head wondering “are other toddlers like this?”  In a totally good way of course.  For instance, all boys have a pumpkin fetish right?

I have no idea where this started, but while we were in Door County we could not walk fifty paces without cries of “Pompom! Pompom!”  He has a terrible desire, no, NEED, to touch, caress, count and compare pumpkins.  His favourite are when there are big and small ones next to each other.

You should see his eyes light up as we go to the co op or Trader Joes as there are just so many pumpkins.  He doesn’t discriminate, any shape or size will do.  I am trying to prepare him for Halloween because I’m afraid he might just short circuit from the whole experience.  It’s virtually a whole holiday devoted to them.

He now has his own collection to admire, which occupies him for most of the day.  He notices that I have a particularly large one on my counter and loves giving it tea and cuddles.

I’m not sure how I’m going to break it to him that it’s destined for pie.


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