Indian Summer

22 Sep

After a couple of weeks of comfortably cool weather it has suddenly become summer again.  Yesterday we had 80 degree highs with 80% humidity.  Today is in the 70s and perfect for a walk around our favourite toddler-friendly parts of Madison.  Despite the warmth you can see autumn is truly on its way.

I’ve also been making satisfying progress on Shalom.  I’ve finished the yoke and started the body with ishi’s mods.  I tried it on briefly and everything seems to be fitting the way it should, which is a miracle since I jumped haphazardly into this without swatching.  My alternative blog names were “The Impatient Knitter” or “The Foolhardy Knitter”.

A lot of my favourite versions of the cardigan omit the waist shaping but I know from experience that I benefit from whatever shaping can be made to a garment.  Boxy just doesn’t look good on me.  I am enjoying doing something where progress is so visible.  Even just doing a few rows here and there throughout the day adds up.  The Wool of the Andes is a joy to knit with, easy on the hands, with just enough grip on the needles to flow nicely.  I am going to have to resist buying a stockload of it since there are just so many yarns I need to try before the year is out.


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