Mama’s Got Some New Shoes

21 Sep

When we made the move from the UK to the US I made the ridiculous decision to bring only one pair of shoes with me.  Good excuse to buy some new shoes.  After an almost embarrassing amount of research (I’m a research addict) I decided on these.

They are Sanuk Donnas in black, which is really a sweet tweedy sort of weave.  Everyone raves about their comfort and I have to say I understand why.  I’ve been wearing Terra Plana’s Vivo Barefoot Odettes for over six months now.  They are a “barefoot” shoe, meaning there’s only a 3 mm puncture proof sole between your foot and pavement.  The feeling is unlike anything else, and it takes getting used to.  I love them, but I’ve worn them down to the nub and they kill my feet after walking around town all day.  The Sanuks offer just a bit more comfort, but with a super cushy flat sole (think flip flop), and the upper really hugs your foot. Can you tell I’m in love?

I have to sing my praises for Zappos, too.  You have no idea how novel it is to go to a site that offers good customer service.  Because I’ve been endowed with feet the shape of a duck’s (thanks Mom) I have trouble with shoe sizes.  I usually run around the 7 1/2 mark, but these only come in full sizes.  I bought the 8s, but they do run a bit big.  Thank goodness for free returns.  I got the 7s with my store credit (and amazing next day shipping) and they fit beautifully.  I never pay full price for shoes, but because of the risk I’m happy I didn’t pay shipping either way.

They are so 70’s hobo style, which isn’t a bad thing.  They’re the type of shoes I’d travel around the world with.  And maybe one day I just might.


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