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Getting in touch with my inner Rupunzel

10 Sep

Don’t you love when you find long lost and forgotten projects?  Often they’re put to the side after getting old and boring or something new comes along that grabs your attention and they fall to the bottom of the old WIP pile.  Months (possibly years) go by and it’s like seeing an old friend again and the fire is rekindled once more.

For those who don’t remember (don’t worry, I certainly didn’t), I spun this yarn from roving I received as a gift from Karen over a year ago.  It stands to this day the best yarn I have ever spun.  When I found my goknit bag with a half finished sock in it I thought to myself “Hey, this yarn is lovely, where did I buy it?” before it dawned on me that this is my very own handspun.  It baffles me why I didn’t finish knitting these socks, though I do suffer quite badly from second sock syndrome, but I have fallen in love again.  The yarn is soft but surprisingly strong and I adore the colours: grassy greens, muted purples and toffee yellows and browns.  It’s thicker than 4 ply weight, more like DK, which is making them whiz along.  I’ve turned the heel and it’ll only be a matter of a few evenings before I can slip my feet into a pair of handspun socks.

This last Sunday we went over to Karen’s place for her big Wildcraft spin-in weekend.  It’s been ages since we’ve seen each other and I’ve totally forgotten to take any photos, but it was an exciting day meeting new fibre lovers, dyeing adventures and catching up.  It was also when me and my Ashford Joy parted ways.  Since last year (when I spun up that beautiful hay yarn) it has been sitting sadly by itself gathering dust and cobwebs.  As much as I love using it, between being a mama, cooking and knitting I don’t get as much time as I’d like to sit down and spin.  So she’s gone to a new home where she’ll get a lot of use with Karen and her traditional Ashford and Majacraft Rose.  Karen was planning on selling her Kromski travel wheel and getting a Joy, so when the opportunity came up she snatched it!  They have gotten on splendidly and I’m pleased to it getting some real use.  The weekend did give me a bit of a case of the spinning bug, but I wasn’t totally without means.

This is a resin spindle Karen made me with little stones embedded in the whorl.  It is light and balanced and so quick and easy to use, I pull it out when making the morning cup of tea and spin a few yards.  I’m spinning up some beautiful roving she had given me for Christmas with muted purples and greys.  I can imagine some beautiful socks made with this but am thinking maybe a shawlette would show it off even better.  Whereas with knitting I so often get bogged down with the technical details: gauge, following patterns, finishing, etc, the joy of spinning is that you just pick it up and spin.  Become one with the fibre and find your inner Rupunzel.