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A Birthday Scarf

2 Feb

You know it’s winter when everyone in the house gets a cold, and all three of us have been suffering for a couple of weeks now. Of course it had to come just when the weather warmed up and we finally recover when the cold hits again.  We’ve experienced the heaviest snows in 18 years, and to see a snowy Dorset is a wonderful sight.  Makes me wish we could have  Christmas all over again.  I did have this lovely knit to keep me company during my recovery.

It is the Wabi Sabi Shawl pattern from Yarned knit with Noro Silk Garden Lite. The yarn I received as a present from my mother in law and I had been itching to use it for months. With only two skeins I managed to do 7 pattern repeats, making a fairly narrow scarf, though I could have squeezed one more out of the last skein. This is a present for my mother who could truly use a nice scarf in the nasty Wisconsin winter.

I loved knitting this, mostly because Noro is soo lovely but the pattern was great. With almost 200 stitches per row I was worried it was going to be a real slog, but the garter stitch was peacefully mindless and the extended stitches kept my interest.  I love how the special stitches look like crochet shells, and the texture is wonderfully squishy.  I’ve even warmed up to fringed edgings.  I only wish I had a ton more yarn to make a beautiful textured throw to snuggle under as the snow falls.