No More Cold Hands

19 Mar

What does a knitter do when faced with freezing cold hands?  Knits some mitts of course.

I am loving these quick knits I’ve been doing lately, they break up the monotony of larger projects and are so satisfying.  These are a free pattern from “Last Minuted Knitted Gifts” and are so ridiculously quick to make that you could finish them in one sitting.  I think the traveling ribs add such a pleasant texture, and make what would be very plain mitts into something just a bit more interesting.

They are knit with my own handspun shetland, my first real attempt at spinning anything thicker than fingering weight.  They are very soft and warm, but I’m always disappointed with the stitch definition with my handspun, it’s all just a bit too fuzzy.  I’m also very tempted to overdye them.  The earth mother in me says to embrace the lovely natural grey, but the fashionista in me says that grey does nothing for me.  If I do it’ll be in a rich green which will maybe turn out a muted, foresty colour.  For now, I am just enjoying the feeling of having nice warm hands to wrap around my favourite mug of tea.  I don’t think I’ll be taking these off anytime soon.


One Response to “No More Cold Hands”

  1. thekidneybean March 20, 2008 at 2:49 am #

    Beautiful! I’m amazed that you handspun the yarn. I personally love the color, too. They would be nice in a forrest green also!

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