Housework, Planning, and Knitty

13 Mar

Little has been done craft wise the last few days I’m sad to say.  I decided I was enjoying a bit too much time on the old curvature jacket and neglecting perhaps more important areas of my life, namely the house.  I have a love/hate relationship with my position as a housewife and my house.  I love being at home, being my own boss, having time to craft, but am rather bad with doing actual work.  I blame this on the fact that we rent and there’s something a bit unsettling with putting so much effort into something that isn’t your own.  If this was my house there would be a lot of changes and decoration to be done, as it stands there’s mostly just cleaning and upkeep.  I know what I’m supposed to do, it’s just getting around to it that’s the problem (time, for once, is not an issue).  I am a self proclaimed procrastinator.  I finally found an organisation system that seems to work, The Weekly Schedule Task Planner.  I can print it out and keep it in the kitchen or in the office and tick off chores that I need to do as well as plan the week’s menu and make notes of appointments.  I even keep a shopping list on there, so I can take it next time we go to town.  There’s something rather satisfying in ticking off chores that you’ve done, and I find I spend less time online.  It also means less time knitting, but I’ll settle into a routine.

Speaking of knitting, the exciting seasonal event of the new Knitty issue has come.  I think every issue of Knitty is great, whether I want to knit the patterns or not, but there are so many patterns that I love I’m seriously worried about how this housework routine is going to suffer.  Yosemite is absolutely gorgeous with it’s cabled ribbing, neat little shawl collar and cap sleeves.  Honeycomb is a perfect example of sexy school marm chic.  Laminaria, god even the name is gorgeous, do I need to say more?  I am so tempted to just frog all of the hours of work I’ve done on Ene’s Scarf just to make this.  Everything catches my eye, even the unexpected projects like Mosey Legwarmers.  Would they not be adorable in thick handspun yarn?  My only problem is that I will have to buy yarn for almost all of these projects so it’s likely I won’t be able to cast on for any of them until I’ve used up the bulk of my stash.  Still, a girl can dream right?


One Response to “Housework, Planning, and Knitty”

  1. Mandella March 14, 2008 at 8:14 pm #

    Oh, please don’t frog Ene’s scarf. It’s worth it, honest. But I agree. Laminaria is lovely.

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