Fiber Day!

9 Mar

This weekend has been both busy and fun.  Yesterday I went over to east Dorset to hang out with my fiber partner in crime, Karen.  It was her birthday on friday and I gifted her with treats of chocolate, cake, fingerless mitts, and of course, yarn.  I gave her a ball of Twilley’s Freedom Spirit, in a gorgeous red colour.  I was able to meet Giles, the newest member of her family.


A gorgeous Ryeland ram, he is such a sweetheart.  I couldn’t believe how tiny he was and just loved the cuddles and attention.  Of course to be fair he wasn’t alone.  Splodge, the big texel ram, was with him to keep him company.  At times they even look like they’re best of friends, but I know better.

Giles & Splodge

I can’t wait until next year when there’ll be little ryeland cross lambs bounding about the fields.  Their fleece is truly amazing, it’s so downy and impossible to felt, perfect for socks.  I was supposed to come over to do some dyeing outside but the weather thought otherwise.  All was not lost though, it was a great excuse to go to hobbycraft.  I have to admit I was quite naughty there and bought some yarn, of course having another knitter shopping with you does no good for the self control.

Siena Cotton Yarn

I got 5 balls of Jaeger Siena cotton in a steely blue, thinking I’d find some cute crochet pattern.  So far I’ve had no luck, but I may make Adorn Mag’s cropped jacket.  It’s different gauge but I think it’ll work, and who couldn’t use a foxy little bolero to cover up vest tops in the summer?

All in all we had a great, though exhausting day, it’s always a treat going to the farm (even if she gives mestrange liquorice sweets!).  I fear for the citizens of Builth Wells last week in April as we’ve already booked our accomodation for Wonderwool Wales.  There’s been talk of bringing the sheep trailer for the tonnes of yarn that will undoubtedly be bought by two crazy ladies.

Today we went down the beach and had a fun time watching the weather go by.  We were lucky to completely miss the rain and managed to get into the car before the next downpour.  Batten down the hatches everyone, tonight’s going to be a stormy night.



2 Responses to “Fiber Day!”

  1. goldfishgirl March 9, 2008 at 11:42 pm #

    Love the photos Mel, glad you had fun yesterday. We’ll have to catch up on that dyeing day soon – and I promise I won’t inflict any more liquorice on you!

  2. Mel March 10, 2008 at 10:09 am #

    You did warn me about that liquorice! You’ll have to come down this way too, I’ll be sure to keep you entertained with knitting, food, and maybe the beach.

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